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East Ward Community Primary School

Happy, Challenged, Successful and Proud


Willow Street, Bury, BL9 7QZ

0161 764 6065


Behaviour for Learning

Our relationships and behaviour ethos is based on our four core rules and our four values:

At East Ward, we should always Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe. This ethos is based on the work of Paul Dix. We aim to set out the rules, relentless routines and visible consistencies that all
children and staff follow. Good behaviour is recognised with children being praised publicly and reminded of our expectations in private.

We are Happy, Challenged, Successful and Proud

  • We are HAPPY and we treat each other fairly and show our love through keeping each other safe, respecting each other and supporting each other in keeping our Golden rules so that East Ward is a HAPPY place to thrive and learn.
  • We are CHALLENGED in the way we work and play, when children find things difficult we think of others’ needs and ways in which we can support those who find positive behaviour difficult by: supporting one another, encouraging resilience, restoring any conflicts, ensuring understanding, resolving situations, apologising and moving on.
  • We show how PROUD we are of one another by celebrating success. We take pride in the way we freely and sensibly move around our learning environment, respecting others and property, we pride ourselves in our exemplary learning behaviour and positively praise all achievements.
  • We are SUCCESSFUL and build positive relationships with all members of our school community. We behave, and we always try our best and will support those who find positive behaviour challenging so that we can learn to the best of our ability and achieve our full potential.

We use Restorative Approaches  to develop community and to manage conflict and tensions by repairing harm and building relationships. Restorative practice is a philosophy and ought to guide the way we act in all our dealings. We aim to create a climate of a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to managing behaviour that is built on a restorative attitude to resolving conflicts.

Please refer to the following links for  further information:

 Behaviour Handbook 23-24.pdfDownload
 Relationship Ethos.pdfDownload
 Restorative Practice at East Ward Primary.pdfDownload
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Children's Mental Heath

Everyone has mental health - your mental health affects how you feel, act and think. Your mental health can change from day-to-day or over periods of time and it can be affected by many different things. Here at East Ward, we understand that our mental health is just as important as our physical health and support all children's wellbeing. Our learning and play supports how you cope with stress, teaches you how to communicate and act with others, how you adapt to change and also allows you to understand how to make good choices. We are very lucky that at East Ward, in addition to all our wonderful teaching staff, we have Miss Sheridan and Miss Hewitt who do some amazing work with children in all year groups in our My Cloud. If you ever feel like you need some support or just someone to talk to, Miss Sheridan and Miss Hewitt are always there. 

How can you ensure you have a positive mental health?

  • Get active - a healthy body supports a healthy mind. 
  • Get talking - talking through any worries or problems will help you to overcome them. 
  • Try something new - make a change and try out something new and exciting like a new hobby or sport. 
  • Get outside - being in the fresh air helps to relieve any stresses you may have. 
  • Ask for help - don't be afraid to reach out for help. There is always someone who can try to support you - a friend, a grownup at home or a trusted adult in school. 
  • Get your sleep - sleep is so important for good mental health. 
  • Believe in yourself - be proud of yourself, who you are and what you can achieve. 
  • Take small steps - don't push yourself too hard. Remember a big problem can be broken down into lots of smaller problems. 
  • Reflect - what positive thing can you take from each day? 

Please see below for some posters that our children have created: